file-cabinetBetty-Anne Howard knows everything about that most secret and misunderstood subject; money! She gets that not everyone gets it, so she makes it so simple, you’ll be asking: Why didn’t this book exist sooner? Because there’s no one quite as money-savvy as Betty-Anne Howard. If you want to begin with a smart investment – Buy this book!
– Monica Parker, Author of: Getting Waisted: A Survival Guide to Being Fat in a Society That LOVES THIN

Howard has succeeded in delivering an informative and accessible read that aims to improve the financial literacy of Canadians – a pursuit Advocis recognizes as critical to enhancing consumer protection.
– Greg Pollock, President and CEO, Advocis, The Financial Advisors Association of Canada

We’re sure that Betty-Anne’s years of knowledge and experience (within all of the many factors of her life) will resonate with, and benefit the reader of this book. Her focus on defining your dreams and setting your goals is a valuable life lesson. Especially for those who have for one reason or another chosen to ignore or neglect taking the time to think about the benefits and importance of financial planning.
– Vince Valenti, Former President of Independent Planning Group Inc.
– Anne Valenti, Former Chief Compliance Officer of Independent Planning Group Inc.

Let’s Have Fun With Money!™ provides a reader’s roadmap to the complex world of financial planning. It’s down-to-earth writing style puts the reader back in the driver’s seat when it comes to thinking about their money and their life. Betty-Anne explains how it is possible to save, invest and spend without sacrificing your values and principles. The personal stories and metaphors make for an entertaining and inspirational read!
Kathleen Pratt, Social Worker & socially responsible investor

Finally, in the jungle of terminology and jargon, a hand guide that wades through what ” financial planning is and what it is that they do” along with the “tools” we need to get us on the path towards our financial independence. With clarity, ease & grace Betty-Anne has created a very pleasant journey for us to gain a much better understanding of what life planning is all about. I for one look forward to sharing this book with my tax clients because they too frequently ask me, “what is it that a financial planner does, exactly?”
Maggie Ashton, Ashton Tax

How you “do” your money is how you “do” your life. I have been pondering this notion while attempting to exorcise deeply rooted beliefs about money that have stressed me for decades. How incredibly refreshing then, to experience Betty-Anne’s new work on the subject, “fun” with money, I will have some of that please!
Mastering this is an inside out job and Betty-Anne has nailed it. In sharing her personal story, she is instantly disarming and credible. She starts at the root of things, what do we dream for in our lives, for money is merely one vehicle for realizing our dreams. As well, in language that is both amusing and accessible Betty-Anne navigates the reader through the complex industry of financial advisory services. Her commitment to supporting your decision making is palpable. Slay your money dragon, read this book!
Maureen Donoghue, M. Ed.; Certified Equus Coach, Unbridled Coaching

Navigating the world of money management and financial investing is not for the faint hearted. Betty Anne Howard takes the “scary” out of it. She makes the challenge a sane, safe process. She works for you and most important, she works with you. You learn to Co-create financial order, stability and success in your life in a gentle, concrete and inspiring way.
– Beth Bailey

In her book, Let’s Have Fun With Money!™, Betty-Anne Howard brilliantly paves your personal road to financial clarity. She helps you understand how you feel about money, what impact that has on your life, and how you can get where you want. In other words, Ms. Howard doesn’t just talk numbers, she actually helps you plan your entire life. The only thing better than reading this book is actually becoming Betty-Anne’s client!
– Elaine Côté, Registered Massage Therapist

happy-lifeI first met Betty-Anne Howard when she came to one of our workshops at Unbridled Coaching at Foxview Stables Inc. She had been given the preverbal boot out of the house that weekend and was looking for some personal development with some horse contact and to have fun at the same time. Betty-Anne stayed on the farm and so I got to know her on a more personal level. She is what we call in the equine-assisted life-coaching world, TAO – Transparent, Open and Authentic and her work with the horses only confirmed that – you see horses can smoke out a person very quickly – that is the beauty of partnering with them in our business.
While chatting in the evenings, Betty-Anne mentioned she was a Financial Planner. Divorced for five years and in that time having built my dream ranch offering my dream services, it just so happened that I was in need of some financial advise (coincidence! I think not!). We set up an appointment and the rest as we say is history! It was obvious that we shared the same values, which to me is essential when it comes to sharing the intimate details about my life and my dreams. Betty-Anne helped me to set up a financial plan, an estate plan and a cash flow plan and more! She taught me about the energy of money and how to turn it around to work for me. She is compassionate and understands where folks are coming from when it comes to planning for their dreams. And, she makes the whole process FUN and much less intimidating! I am now confident that my dreams will continue to flourish and know my loved ones will be cared for in the future.
– Marlene Armstrong, B. Comm., Certified Equus Coach, Unbridled Coaching and Foxview Stables Inc.

Betty-Anne Howard has a gift. She makes complicated money feel simple. She makes scary money issues feel easy and fun. This book is easy, fun and above all, practical. If you are ready to live your dreams, then you must get this book.
Majeed Mogharreban
Entrepreneur, Co-author of Winning At Life

Thank goodness Betty-Anne has finally written this book and our hats go off to her as she begins this new venture adding financial author to her many accomplishments!
I’ve had the privilege and good fortune of working with and developing a friendship with Betty-Anne over the past 13 years. Having been accustomed to more ‘traditional’ advisors my experience with Betty-Anne has far exceeded gaining knowledge of financial products.
She took the time to get to know me, understand my concerns and goals while gently guiding me to expand this, to include my dreams and aspirations. This was highlighted once again following my marriage two years ago, after two decades as a single parent.
Betty-Anne enthusiastically responded over the course of numerous meetings, emails and phone calls to guide us in restructuring a financial plan that respected my core values and desire for financial stability, while incorporating those of my husband.
It was apparent to Rick that Betty-Anne was not your typical advisor when his desire to invest a substantial sum of money was deferred until capturing the ‘Bigger Picture’ of the life we envisioned together. The added complexity was based on both our individual needs and planning together for our retirement, travel and estate planning.
Describing Betty-Anne as a Financial Advisor, albeit with many designations, appears inadequate when trying to capture the impact she has had in providing peace of mind and a life management plan that enables us to look to the future with excitement.
I’ve often teased that Betty-Anne should be cloned as I’d panic should she be unavailable, given her understanding of my values and idiosyncrasies.
Betty-Anne’s passion for teaching financial literacy, social conscious, spirit of philanthropy and other personal attributes puts her in a class of her own.
She provides magic with a mind that works at warp speed, integrating pieces of a financial puzzle we could not have conceptualized – for that I can never thank her enough!
Cindy Jackson & Rick Angus

I wish I had read Betty-Anne Howard’s book, Let’s Have Fun With Money!™, before I got busy raising my family.
Life’s “what if’s” never entered my mind, it was all about financial survival, which was not fun.
Let’s Have Fun With Money makes you think for yourself by challenging you to ask yourself the right questions, where money is seen as a means to an end, not an end in itself, which is fun.
Thankfully, it’s never too late to learn the dance of your own personal financial success, with a little support from Betty-Anne along the way.
Bryan B